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There is something special about Maryland.  We are the hub of the east coast.  People from all over the eastern seaboard of the United States travel through our state and quite often stop to experience the culture of our communities.  I want to make sure that they find us experiencing the best that Maryland has to offer.  Let's continue to:

  • Make our communities safer, walkable and livable through economic development and innovation and through expanded public safety strategies
  • Improve Education for children of the 26th Legislative District including, early education, elementary education, middle school and high school
  • Implement 2-generation strategies and programming in our district to improve maternal health and child well-being and to eliminate the impact of continually being under-resourced and under-served

  • Enhance economic stability in the state by increasing business opportunities and workforce development for all of our citizens

  • Focus on the bolstering of health and wellness resources in the state of Maryland to close the health disparity gap for our communities


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